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We provide affordable, convenient assistance for the home and small business.
DCS has a flexible approach to our customers: We tailor our schedules around your day job to meet
your personal computer, home-based or start-up business needs.

Evening and weekend appointments are encouraged over standard business-day hours.
 Website design for your business or organization is our specialty.

    DCS is willing to work with your business to create cost-effective solutions to meet
    your on-line business needs. We do simple, affordable websites for community
    organizations as well as complex database-interactive e-commerce applications.   more »
 Email Campaigns for newsletters, marketing and advertising designed to fit your budget.

    DCS is entering our 5th year of sucessful email campaigns for local businesses.
    We can show you how to grow your business using our MailLaunchTM technology.  more »
 Home or business system setup - we’ll save you the aggravation and time.

    Running into those annoying computer problems that take too much time to solve?
    Not sure how to protect your small business files and network?
    Problems connecting your new Vista system to your XP Network? DCS can help!
    DCS will handle the issues that larger companies rely on their IT departments to resolve.  more »
 On-site technical service at no extra charge to selected areas in Southeastern PA.
 No job is too big or too small.